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Proper Installation of Thread Protectors Extends Pipe Service Life

Thread protectors are common devices used to protect the quality and integrity of threads from damage during transport, storage, and use. Proper installation of thread protectors is very important to protect threads. Then how to install the thread protector properly?

  • Consider Pipe Type & Protector Material Before Purchasing

    When purchasing thread protectors, make sure you choose thread protectors that are appropriate for your pipe thread and pipe type. Thread protectors are usually available in different sizes and materials, including plastic, metal, and rubber. Choosing the right thread protector ensures that the thread is properly protected.

    Drill pipe polyethylene one-off thread protector
    Drill pipe polyethylene thread protector
    Quick release thread protector with NR/NBR material
    Quick release NR/NBR thread protector
    Dismountable inflatable thread protector is made of NBR, polyurethane, steel and stainless steel
    Dismountable inflatable thread protector made of NBR, polyurethane, steel and stainless steel
    Integral inflatable thread protector is made of polyurethane and stainless steel
    Integral inflatable thread protector made of polyurethane and stainless steel
    Casing pipe thread protector is made of carbon steel
    Casing pipe thread protector made of carbon steel
  • Clean & Dry the Pipe Thread Area

    Before installing the thread protector, the thread area must be cleaned and prepared. Remove all dust, oil, and other residues to ensure that surface of the thread is clean and dry. If the thread surface is not dry, the thread protector may not be installed correctly.

    A worker is brushing the pipe thread area.

    Clean & dry the pipe thread area

  • Slide Thread Protector Fully Into the Pipe Thread

    Installing thread protectors may require the use of hand tools or pneumatic tools. The thread protector must slide fully into the pipe thread. If the thread protector used does not match the thread size or is not fully inserted into the thread, it may cause thread damage or the protector to fall off.

    A disc of thread protector reinforcement pneumatic tool

    Slide thread protector fully into the pipe thread

  • Check the Connection Location

    Once the thread protector is installed, you should check the connection location to see if the protector is fully installed and secure. There must be no loosening or voids, as this will cause the protector to fall off or the thread to be damaged. If the protector is found to be loose or not fully installed, remove it and reinstall it.

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