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Complete Thread Protector Supplier with Considerate Service

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of various thread protector products in China with rich experience. Thread protector is mainly used to protect the thread of steel pipes in the transportation, loading, unloading and storage process, and it is also used to protect rubber hose thread. Quick release thread protector, dismountable inflatable thread protector and integral inflatable thread protector are used to protect the outer thread of pipes and they can be used repeatedly. One-off thread protector can be used for only once, but they can protect both inner and outer thread of steel pipes and rubber hoses.

A black quick release thread protector is on the table.
Quick release thread protector.
A yellow dismountable inflatable thread protector is on the ground.
Dismountable inflatable thread protector.
A black and red integral inflatable thread protector is on the ground.
Integral inflatable thread protector.
A set of green one-off thread protector is on the ground.
One-off thread protector.

We can manufacture complete thread protectors and we have made great achievement in this industry. We have established long term cooperation relationship with many companies and some companies are going to become our customers. We provide our customers with high quality thread protector products and considerate service.

We attach importance to raw material selection and we are equipped with advanced equipment and skilled workers to ensure the quality of thread protector. We have specialized staff giving you professional exploration about thread protectors, such as features of every kinds of thread protectors, specific application areas and specifications of thread protectors. Besides, we can supply application method of every kind of thread protector.

Contact us immediately if you are interested in any of our products. You can email us at kerwin@hebeiqianli.com if you have any questions.